South Downs Railway

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Phoca Gallery Tree Module

DCC Architecture

Locations of Electronic Modules

The various modules are distributed around the railway. This table shows where they are:

Location Modules Transformers
Fiddle Yard

DAC20 1 (serial number 8)

DAC20 2 (serial number 7)

SIGM20 5 (serial number 64)

SIGM20 6 (srrial number 65)

BDL168 21

Clanfield Station

DAC20 3 (serial number 6)

SIGM20 7 (serial number 277)

MSC8 1

Drop down panel under Petersfield


DB150 1;

PM43 33,34;

BDL168 22-24;

DAC20 4 (serial number 5)

DAC10 +24v;

BDL168 +12v;

PM42 +12v;

SIGM20 +12v

Drop down panel under Eastleigh

DAC20 5 (serial number 3)

SIGM20 3 (serial number 325)

SIGM20 4 (serial number 328)

BDL168 25

DAC10 +24v;

BDL168 +12v;

SIGM20 +12v

Eastlegh (lift up section) DAC20 7 (serial number 2)  
Portsmouth Station

DAC20 8 (serial number 684)

DAC20 9(serial number 685)

SIGM20 1 (serial number 330)

BDL168 28, 29, 30


Drop down panel under Portsmouth

DB150 2;

PM42 31, 32;

BDL168 26, 27;

DAC20 6 (serial number 4)

SIGM20 2 (serial number 329)

DAC10 +24v;

BDL168 +12v;

PM42 +12v;

SIGM20 +12v

TXC1 +18v


The modules and drop down panels all have removable power connections so that they can be isolated and if necessary they can be removed from the railway. A 12 pin "chocolate block" type connector that splits into male & female halves has been used. The connections are standardised:

Signal Pins
Accessory DCC 1,2
DAC10 Aux Power 3,4
 SIGM20 +12v power 5,6
BDL168 +12v Power 7, 8
PM42 +12v Power 9,10
Booster DCC feed 11,12
earth 13


The lift-up section for Eastleigh has additional DCC power feeds:

Signal Pins
Zone B undetected DCC 1,2
Power feed B50 (25,1) 3
Power feed B51 (25,2) 4
Power feed B63 (25,3) 5
Power feed B64 (25,4) 6
Power feed M40 7
Zone M return 8

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