Once upon a time, I planned to write an article a month for the website about progress. Then I did nothing for 9 months, and started again. Then the same thing happened again. although I had made progress, it didn't fit the way I wanted to write about it and somewhere along the way I planned to rewrite the web page.

We now have a different web site. It allows me to write "blog" entries (whatever they are) simply and painlessly. I can write as much or as little as I like as often as I like. So no "two sides of text or nothing". That's why this section is in two halves: the "old" method and the "new" method.

Using This Site


The web site can be searched: type a search term (e.g. "DAC10") into the search box on the right hand side of the header, and hit enter. the search engine will find words matching the search string in the main body of the site, but it won't search attached documents (e.g. the product manuals).

"Read More"

Many articles are displayed one after the other. some are quite short, and say "read more" at the bottom. Click that to read the remainder of the article.