Little activity on the railway for a long time. So we have planned a railway weekend for May 2023; that means work to get everything to a good "known" state.ย 

This has been my "to do" list:

  1. Fix the piece of track that buckled in the heat last summer
  2. Take photos of new locos (Dapol Pannier tank, Scotrail class 170, GWR Class 800)
  3. Add decoders to GWR class 800
  4. Add new loco photos to train roster, and re-print
  5. Purchase Traincontroller V10 & install
  6. Add photos of new locos to TrainAnimator
  7. Add new locos to Traincontroller
  8. Program the new signals
  9. Mount new 7" camera display
  10. Add magnets for the carriage sidings
  11. Write driver instructions for Portsmouth, Clanfield, Eastleigh
  12. Add a piece of wood at the front edge for Portsmouth to protect the brick paper
  13. Purchase and fit new number plates for second Farish "Castle" class
  14. Speed profile the new locos
  15. Reprogram decoder for second Castle class and update in Traincontroller
  16. Look into the turntable, which seems to have stopped turning. Contact cleaner?
  17. And along the way, update the website to Joomla 4

Mostly complete! I need to do the speed profiles, and understand the new TC10 features.ย 


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