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The railway will use ready-to-run rolling stock, as available. There is a time warp somewhere in the vicinity: I have no qualms about whether a given livery or vintage of loco "should" be there.

The rolling stock so far has bee acquired after justifying that I needed to test this, and measure that etc. there is a Kato Eurostar; a Tomix "Thomas the Tank Engine"; and various models from the Graham Farish and Dapol ranges.

loco roster

This is our loco roster. Click the column headings to sort!

LocomotivePictureCab numberDCC numberFunctions
Eurostar eurostar_260w 3201 32 F0 lights
SWT Class 159 DMU class_159_260w 159019 19  
Cross Country Trains Voyager cross_country_voyager_260w 221120 20 F0 lights
Virgin Voyager virgin_voyager_260w 220001 22 F0 lights
BR Class 37 class_37_260w 37038 38 F0 lights
Virgin class 47 virgin_class47_260w 47814 14  
EWS Class 66 ews_class66_260w 66135 35 F0 lights
EWS Class 60 ews_class60_260w 60052 52 F0 lights
FGW class 57 fgw_class57_260w 57602 02 F0 lights
Class 08 shunter class08_140w 08648 48


GWR 94xx Pannier tank gwr_94xx_140w 9400 94


Thomas the Tank Engine thomas_120w 1 1  
 Santa Fe SD-45 santa fe 260w 5416 16

F0 head light

 Northern Trains class 156 northern trains 260w 52468 68

F0 lights

 Tomix Track cleaner tomix track cleaner 260w - 16

F1 motor

London Midland class 350 class 350_260w 350101 5

F0 lights


Class 58 class 58 260w 58044 58

F0 lights

Central Trains class 150 central trains class 150 260w 150125 25

F0 lights

GWR Manor gwr manor 260w 7805 78

GWR Castle 5044 50 Sound
GWR Castle   5044 5044 Sound
London Midland Class 170   170501 501  
LocomotivePictureCab numberDCC numberFunctions



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