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Setting Up Traincontroller

Setting Up Engines

Each engine that is to be controlled by Traincontroller needs to be added to the program. This is simple to do. When in edit mode, select "create engine". A new engine will be assigned in the engines & trains window. double click on it to set its properties:

  • Its name will be shown both in that window and in the block it occupies in the switchboard. A short name fits better; I always begin the name with the DCC number e.g. "32 Eurostar".
  • You can assign a picture of the engine - either a standard one or you can use a photo (you will need to prepare the images first using TrainAnimator). If you use a photo, taka it with the engine facing to the right.
  • You can enter the length of the model - this can be useful for advanced operations e.g. positioning where a train stops.
  • You can enter its weight and power - used for calculating top speed and acceleration.
  • Its DCC number is entered on the "connection" tab. "Digital System" chooses the DCC system that controls the trains - mine says "LocoNet" because I have a Digitrax system. If you don't have transponding, put "without connection" for detection. You do not need to have transponding for Traincontroller to work effectively!
  • On the "speed" tab you can assign max speeds both forwards and backwards, and accelerations. It is recommended to set DCC acceleration & deceleration CV values to 0 and let Traincontroller work it out.
  • On the "Functions" tab you can set what DCC functions are available - typically lighting and sound.
  • The "resources" tab is for those keen on reality simulation: set a loco to "coal" and then don't refill it with coal, and it will eventually run out & stop. Mine are set to "electric" to avoid that.

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