A smaller goods train will eventually be added. It will live in a hidden siding under Portsmouth, and visit Portsmouth container yard and Clanfield factory periodically. Manual operations will be needed at both. Clanfield factory is interesting, because the factory was added as an afterthought. Traincontroller can send the goods train to the rear platform, but getting the locomotive released isn't obvious. There's an uncoupling magnet in place at the platform end, but no others.

The selected approach is for the main line loco to push the wagons into the factory, then for a captive shunter to return them. An operation that works is as follows:

  1. A captive shunting engine lives at the end of the factory siding.
  2. A Traincontroller schedule delivers the goods train to Clanfield platform 1, as normal. The schedule does not separate the engine and goods wagons.
  3. Reserve the station for manual control.
  4. Change the point to allow access to the siding.
  5. The engine will have stopped over an uncoupling magnet.Β Using a throttle, make sure the engine and wagons are uncoupled; then push the wagons into the siding using "delayed uncoupling" (ie the couplings don't reconnect when over a magnet). TC thinks they are still coupled.
  6. TC automatically performs a "separate" operation when the factory block becomes occupied.
  7. The engine can now reverse, re-enter the station then move to a vacant spot on platforms 2 or 3.
  8. Release the station from manual control.

When it is time for the train to depart the reverse process is:

  1. Reserve the station for manual control.
  2. Use a throttle to select the shunter.
  3. Manoeuvre the shunter until it touches the wagons, then stop. TC detects it entering the block and performs a "join by train tracking". The shunter doesn't have a compatible coupling, and isn't physically connected.
  4. Use the shunter to push the wagons to the platform.
  5. A flagman detects the platform 1 block become occupied while the shunter's home block is unoccupied, and initiates a "separate" operation.
  6. Return the shunter to its home at the end of the siding.
  7. Drive the locomotive onto the end of the wagons and reconnect. TC performs a "join by train tracking" when the loco stops in the block.
  8. Release the station from manual control and select the goods train schedule.

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