Traincontroller overview

Traincontroller Terminology

It's important to use the right terms with Traincontroller - they are the same terms used elsewhere in the model railway word but possibly not with the same meanings.

A Switchboardis a diagrammatic representation of a railway and/or control indicators. Railways will usually have at least one switchboard with a diagram of the track layout; it may be appropriate to have other switchboards to provide some kind of control panel.

A Block is a section of track where a train may stop or start. Platforms in a station, or tracks in a goods yard are good examples. A block should be a single piece of track with no points included inside it. Normally a block should be longer than the longest train that will go there.

A Routeis a path through the track joining two or more blocks. Normally the routes are auto-calculated.

A Contact Indicator is some kind of track sensor used to indicate train presence.

A Schedule can be considered a "recipe" to move a train from one location to another. It includes the start and end points and the route to be taken.

An Engine is a DCC controlled engine. It can be driven under automatic control, or manually.

A Trainis an engine plus other rolling stock. It can be driven manually or under computer control. traincontroller uses the weight of the train to decide how fast its engine will accelerate, and to determine its top speed.

A Train Groupis a collection of engines or trains that you wish to associate together. For example 2short trains" may be a useful group to control the length of train that can go onto a short platform. An engine or train can belong to several groups.

A Flagmanis a logical control which can be activated by a condition (e.g. by a sensor becoming active). Traincontroller then allows actions to be assigned. It is possible to build complex logic behind "Flagmen".

Edit Mode and Normal Mode are the two states the program is in. In Edit mode, the configuration can be changed but nothing can be running, and in normal mode trains can be run.

The Threshold Speed of an engine is the minimum speed it will reliably run at. This is a "creep" speed at which the engine will approach a sensor it is to stop at.